faSampleDelay is the best free Phase Alignment Plugin out there. It's highly flexible UI lets you quickly find your preferred Time Alignment setting within a few seconds. Use it to compensate the time delays between multi-miked recordings with drums, bass, guitars, saxophone, double bass or cello. There are also a lot of people in genres like hip hop or EDM using it to align the bass to the kick drum or to create colorful transitions with a comb filter effect between different song parts. The choice is yours!

Available as VST / AU / AAXnative for Windows & Mac.

Requirements: Mac OS 10.10 above or Windows 7 above
Supported DAWs:
Steinberg Cubase
Apple Logic
Ableton Live
Presonus Studio One
Cockos Reaper
Magix Samplitude
FL Studio
Steinberg Wavelab
Adobe Audition
MOTU Digital Performer

(currently) unsupported DAWs:
Harrison Mixbus
Tracktion Waveform